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8 May 2024

Partnership between Glaux Partners and Babbobox

Glaux Partners and Babbobox are pleased to announce the Sales and Marketing partnership agreement to develop and grow the business for the leading-edge deep video search and intelligence service in Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. This agreement combines the core expertise of Babbobox in the next generation of video intelligence with Glaux Partners marketing expertise and extensive customer network in various industries in the region.



Babbobox created various world’s first in Deep Video Search and developed one of world's most advanced Video Search Engine. Babbobox's mission is to unleash the true power of video by allowing users to search and extract video data and intelligence. Glaux Partners will support customers and partners to grow the business through sales and marketing channels, business development and related capital structure optimization like fund raising, other financing advisory services.

This partnership synergizes the strengths of both companies to expand the advanced video intelligence technologies into these exciting Asia Pacific markets.

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