Everything we do is to help our customers to Become Better


is a Greek word meaning “Owl”... a symbol of “Wisdom”


Glaux Partners is a platform, a network and a partnership that brings together various expertise and resources to facilitate the creation of values for all its stakeholders.

Glaux Partners provides opportunities for quality investment, market insights and access, of sustainable businesses in emerging markets.

Glaux Partners provides essential business management, development and operation support to help customers, in particular Startups, to excel, become successful and grow.

Our Values

Our Values

Our values are reflected in our origins and culture – an Oriental culture where people are passionate about giving their best to the societies and customers, collaborate across the organisation, feel a true sense of ownership in their work and have the courage to speak up, challenge and help each other to do better.

Our values define our culture. . . how we work, how we make decisions and how we treat others.


To give our best to serve our customers and community


Support one another for the common good


It starts with me and I am responsible


To do what is right

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